We are well known for stocking a wide range of junior bikes, and have a range from brands such as Dawes, Squish, Specialized and Raleigh, so whether you are after a first bike/Balance bike, or a top quality lightweight junior bike from one of our premium junior brands such as squish, we will have something to get your child enjoying cycling.

Lightweight Models – With adult bike technology moving on so quickly, why shouldn’t junior bikes follow suit? Now they do! With amazing lightweight models from Squish, Raleigh’s Performance and Dawes Academy, we can find a bike that your child will love and that will make it easier than ever for them to learn and progress with their cycling! You can find out why these are so great below!


Our exciting range of kids’ bikes has been designed to be lightweight, functional and most of all fun to ride!

Encouraging your child to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky, especially if their only option is to learn on a heavy bike, with components that are too big and parts that are hard to use.  With a Squish bike, all those headaches have been removed to leave a simple to use lightweight bike that your child can really enjoy.

Each model in the range has been carefully thought out to offer perfectly proportioned pedal arms, brake levers, handlebars, stems and tyres.  Meaning no over-stretching, no “I can’t brake!!” moments and no unhappy children!  All these specially chosen components bolt onto our exclusive frames, offering super lightweight triple-butted alloy tubing and geometries made to fit your little person just right!