Whether you are after a Race-specific bike, or a bike to ride over a long distance, perhaps on a London to Paris Ride, or the Prudential Ride 100, we can find the right tool for the job. With a huge range of road bikes from Specialized, Giant and Orro in stock, we can run you through the different options to find your perfect bike.

There are now various types of Road bike, below you can find a basic breakdown to help you start looking at the right style for your needs!

Competitive Road – Race specific machines with short wheelbases, short headtubes and steep angles, to ensure they are amazingly fast to respond under acceleration and steering, great for racing but not quite so suitable for riders who want to ride recreationally or enter the local sportives, (unless you are very flexible!)

Competitive Road - Key Products

Endurance Road – Our most popular type of road bike, fast, agile and comfortable. Designed to be comfortable for long distance sportives or leisure rides, training, and any other endurance events. They typically allow the rider to be a bit more upright than a competitive bike and will be slightly slacker on the angles of the frame to ensure a confidence inspiring ride from the start to finish of any event.

Endurance Road - Key Products

Any Road/ Gravel Bikes – One of the biggest growing markets, this type of bike is normally based around the comfort geometry of an endurance road bike, but benefits from being a bit more versatile for use on gravel tracks, country lanes and light trails. Perfect for the Surrey Hills, or commuting due to the ease of fitting pannier racks and Mudguards.

Any Road / Gravel - Key Products

Cyclo-Cross Bikes РDrop bar race bikes for off road cyclocross courses! Amazing versatile race specific machines.