Here at Finch Cycles, we hold a wide range of Mountain bikes in store. Our main mountain bike brands are Specialized, Whyte, Giant and Liv.

We stock a range of Hardtail (front suspension only) bikes from all four brands, and a range of Full Suspension bikes from Specialized and Whyte. It is important to find the right specification and model for the type of riding you want to do, so feel free to come into store and ask!

Mountain bikes can be split into four different categories:

Cross Country – The Mile Crunchers!  Designed to be very quick off-road on the climbs and undulating trails, typically characterised by relatively short travel suspension and a relatively steep head angle to make it responsive under steering, whilst they are capable on normal off road descents, the are not designed for downhill trails or big jumps or drops. A good example of this type of bike would be the Specialized Rockhopper or Epic range.

(Note: most entry level Hardtails will be of this design)

Cross Country Hardtail - Key Products

Trail Bikes – The Do It All Bikes! Capable climbers and suitable for long distance rides, but with a bit more suspension and ‘slacker’ angles than a cross country bike, they are that bit more surefooted on the descents and small jump/drop trail features, perfect for the Surrey Hills! A few good examples of this style of bike would be the Whyte 9 series hardtails, or the Whyte full suspension T129/T130 Ranges.

Trail Hardtail and Full Suspension Trail - Key Products

Enduro Bikes – The Big Hitters! Enduro style bikes are characterised by long travel suspension, typically around 160mm travel front and rear, slack angles to ensure stability and precise handling on the steepest and roughest of downhills, but then allowing you to turn around at the bottom and pedal back up! A few good examples of this type of bike would be the Whyte G160 or the Specialized Enduro ranges.

Enduro - Key Products

Downhill Bikes – Race specific beasts! Downhill bikes are for one purpose only, racing on downhill tracks with big jumps and drops, to get the most out of these bikes they would need to be used in the Scottish Highlands or the Alps and are for riding downhill only, so not a type of bike we hold in store. An example of these would be the Specialized Demo.