Whyte are a proudly British company, who do the vast amount of relentless development riding to work in the same – often grim – conditions as you.

That’s why the bearings behind our anodised suspension caps are far tougher than those you’ll find elsewhere. Specific limited rotation high load bearing sets that aren’t just protected with the caps themselves but also an extra layer of grease we spent years finding. They’re even lifetime warrantied so in the unlikely event you do manage to wear them out we’ll send you a free replacement set as a prize for your dirt dedication.

These are the bikes we currently have in stock. Please see individual models for available sizes. If the size you require is shown as ‘out of stock’, give us a ring and we can contact our supplier to see if it is available.

Feel free to come in for test rides and more information about our bikes. We’re here to help you make a decision you’ll be happy with!

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